Saturday, Nov 4, 2017

8:00am – 12:00pm

Our organization  serves women and children who are victimized by sexual exploitation as well as those who are at risk of being victimized. We serve through a three-pronged approach of prevention, intervention and restoration.

As a non profit organization, we rely heavily on volunteers in an array of areas and various facets within our agencies and the services provided within. For Augusta University’s Day of Service, volunteers will be directed to our business office in Martinez, Georgia. Our business office is used on a daily basis by one or more of our staff, regular volunteers, and of course, clients. Since moving into the current office space we are in, I-Care staff has worked diligently to spruce up our office space but it still has a ways to go! We would love to have the opportunity to have volunteers help in the following areas/tasks:

Interior painting: The front office area is a multi functional room that we recently renovated. This are serves as a waiting area for visitors and as an office space for I-Care staff members. The walls are covered with dark, wood paneling and desperately need some coats of paint! These things would not be featured on “Fixer Upper” as the newest must haves to re purpose your drab walls.

Exterior painting: The building of our leased space is also in need of a coat of paint. We prefer that it be a neutral color like tan.

Landscape/Yard Work: The driveway and parking area in front of the building consists of gravel. There are areas of grass on both sides of our building that needs to be trimmed. There are several areas around the building that need to be touched up with various landscaping tools like weed eaters, leaf blowers, hedge clippers, garden shears, etc. Weeds, shrubs, bushes and other types of greenery that surround the wooded areas on the edge of the property needs to be trimmed back.

General clean up/organization: Volunteers could help with general clean up inside and outside the building. The interior space of our building is cleaned one to two times per week but with Volunteers from Day of Service, we could give special attention to things like baseboards, stoves, and refrigerators that are not normally cleaned every week. The outside of the building will need to be cleaned up after any landscaping, painting, or other yard work. Volunteers may also find random pieces of trash that sometimes makes its way onto our property by litter bugs or the wind. There are also tasks available to help organize the interior and exterior areas during the clean up of our property. On the Day of Service, construction on our outdoor storage building will be complete and it is likely that we will need assistance organizing and de-cluttering it.

Event Location

I-Care 4, 3846 Leigh Street
Augusta, GA, 30907

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