Augusta Canal National Heritage Area-AM Shift

Saturday, Nov 4, 2017

8:00am – 11:30am

In preparation for CanalFest, we will be participating in a  Clean-up on the Augusta Canal on November 4th. This would prepare the park for the big event the next weekend. Volunteers would clean up litter, plant debris, maybe do some maintenance on the trail. Volunteers will be provided with trash bags, gloves, and  T-Shirts.   Also, very important, the volunteers will collect the trash and debris, write a little Data card report because we send in this data to River’s Alive(state organization) and then the National Park Service. Both organizations like to know what community groups are involved in keeping our park beautiful for people to use!

This project is for volunteers that LOVE the outdoors, don’t mind getting dirty, and any other unknown environmental aspect. This area is a National Heritage Area meaning it is a naturalized trail with many freshwater plants and animals. But, as a result these volunteers will add to the quality of life in Augusta. The canal trails are a public resource for the community to use to live a healthy, happy life.

The CanalFest is a FREE family friendly event held at the Mill Village Trailhead, 109 Eve St. This will be the headquarters for the project. We will provide waters, a light breakfast for the morning crew and some snacks for the afternoon crew. Also, Augusta University is one of our sponsors for the festival so this will be a GREAT partnership with the Day of Service to have AU volunteers out there to help prepare for the event!

Additionally, sunscreen, bug spray, and water bottles are also recommended.

Parking for this event will be available in the Kroc Center Parking Lot.

Event Location

Mill Village Trailhead, 109 Eve Street
Augusta, GA, 30904

Event Fees

Total Volunteer Registrations