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Sep 10

Augusta Training Shop

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The Augusta Training Shop, Inc. believes that all persons with disabilities, whether those with mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities, are PEOPLE FIRST, and that the disability is secondary to their individual humanness. We believe that they are entitled to the same rights and privileges afforded to any other citizen.


Augusta Training Shop relies on the sales of handmade items to fund their important programs for persons with mental and developmental disabilities. These items include handmade cane snowflakes, wooden harts, handmade paintings, and other items. We are currently seeking AU volunteers who can support our handmade crafting program by assisting with craft project preparation from the comfort of their homes. Volunteer tasks include:

  1. Cutting scrap pieces of paper to a specific size that allow us to tag our handmade items
  2. Cutting brown twine and satin ribbon to specific size for handmade projects
  3. Cutting specific sizes of cane to make handmade items
  4. Cut specific size of tissue paper for our handmade items.

All craft items will be supplied by Augusta Training Shop. Volunteers will just need to stop by to pick up supplies and then return their projects once completed.

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Craft from Home Volunteer Project


We need AU volunteers who can help us organize our facility and get ready for the busy holiday season. Volunteer tasks include: Pressure wash buildings; Bundle mixed up pieces of reed to match correct sizes; Yard work around facility, pulling weeds, mowing, weed eating, trim plants; Help with organizing + clean facility in upstairs + storage rooms; Help move large pieces of furniture to consignment store; Change out light bulbs that are high; Paint and repair bathrooms (water damage in men’s bathroom from roof leaks)

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Facility Organization and Maintenance


Collect and donate items that will support our mission: Paper towels, bottled water, zip lock bags, craft supplies, packing tape, copy paper, printer ink, clothes pins (regular size), rubber bands; Donate and cut up (clean) old t-shirts for shop rags.

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Program Supply Donations


Help us make the holidays happy for our special Augusta Training Shop Employees. We are looking for volunteer teams who would like to adopt our employees for special occasions (provide goodies to our special needs adults for holidays –sugar free or fun crafty items they can do at home)

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Adopt an ATS Employee for the Holidays