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Sep 20

AU Health Center for Patients and Families

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We anticipate every unique need of our patients and families and partner with them to ensure an exceptional experience- every person, every encounter, every time.


The Center for Patients and Families (CPF) provides inpatients and their caregivers with things to do while they are hospitalized. From games and puzzles, to craft supplies or even a journal to capture their thoughts and experiences, we aim to provide ways to keep their mind and hands occupied. Providing activities to help pass the time and provide entertainment will help promote healing and engage their mind in something other than their hospitalization. Specific supplies needed include: Adult Coloring Books, Colored Pencils, Decks of cards (playing cards, UNO, Phase 10, etc.), Jigsaw Puzzles, Journals, Sudoku puzzles, word finds or crossword puzzles, Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, Pens, Sleep Masks, Fuzzy Socks.

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Boredom Busters


Augusta University Health Center for Patients and Families recently opened a Clothes Closet with new items for adult patients in need. This service supports patients who may need clothes prior to being discharged from the hospital or whose clothes were destroyed during a medical emergency as a way to preserve the dignity of our patients. The Clothes Closet is stocked with new, seasonal clothing items and personal undergarments. All items must be brand new with tags still on them. No used items can be accepted. The following specific items are needed: Undergarments (all sizes, male/female), Sports Bras, Flip Flops (all sizes), Croc type shoes/slides (all sizes), t-shirts (all sizes), Sweat pants (all sizes), Athletic shorts (all sizes), Socks.

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Clothes Closet


In an effort to help create a healing environment, especially during the holiday season, the Center for Patients and Families will spearhead providing seasonal/holiday blankets and cards to adult inpatients in the adult hospital the couple days leading up to Christmas. All inpatients will receive a similar blanket and holiday card signed by hospital leadership on two designated days in December. In an effort to respect all belief systems and cultures, the blankets will not be a ‘Christmas’ gift, but rather a seasonal item for the patient to enjoy. We hope this gesture will promote ‘comfort and joy’ to the adult inpatients that receive them. We are requesting the following supplies (all must be brand new with original tags): Blankets of any size, color or fabric , clear cellophane bags (to wrap blankets), and rolls of bright colored tulle. ( *Please note- due to infection control policies, we cannot accept any homemade items)

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Comfort and Joy


Providing exceptional care is a priority in AUMC, in times of life and in times of death. Providing respect and dignity to patients and their family members is part of the PFCC culture at AU Health and is embodied in staff member’s hospital wide. AU Volunteers will be asked to help collect items for our Butterfly Cart. The Butterfly Cart is a care cart that offers support in the way of resources, therapeutic supplies, and daily living materials. When healing is no longer an option or viable, it is every staff member’s job to provide end-of-life care that is supportive, therapeutic and holistic in nature to both the patient and their caregivers. Thank you so much for helping us to create lasting memories for families of terminally ill/dying patients.

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Virtual: Butterfly Cart


Being in the hospital is difficult anytime, but especially if you are missing a significant day with loved ones, like your birthday or anniversary. The Center for Patients and Families (CPF) helps to ease this by celebrating special occasions with inpatients. Collaborating with dietary and nursing staff, the CPF provides a cake and gift to adult inpatients so they can feel special, even while staying in the hospital. Almost daily, we provide a celebration of some sort (birthdays, anniversaries or end of treatment parties) with patients. Our department depends on donations to ensure this program will continue. Thank you so much for helping us celebrate special days and milestones with our inpatients.

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