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Sep 20

Community Ministry of North Augusta

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Meeting needs and improving lives by serving as the hands of Christ.

Organize a food drive to help fill the shelves of our new food pantry at 531 Belvedere-Clearwater Road in North Augusta! We will be moving into our new facility in late July of 2021, and the food pantry is quite a bit larger; we will be able to serve more and serve better. We can’t wait! Last year, AU volunteers organized and advertised a nonperishable food/toiletries drive at work. They placed Rubbermaid bins in easily accessible locations around the AU building in downtown Augusta and allowed collection to continue for several weeks. At the end of the collection period, the volunteers brought the bins to us, and our coffers were filled in preparation to distribute to those in need. It worked beautifully! . Last year, we distributed over 1800 large bags of food to those in need.

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Food Pantry Donation Drive