Imagination Station Children’s Museum of Augusta
Aug 23

Imagination Station Children’s Museum of Augusta

  • 965 Hickman Road Augusta Georgia 30904
  • November 2, 2019
  • All Day

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Imagination Station Children’s Museum of Augusta

November 2, 2019


Imagination Station Children’s Museum of Augusta

November 2, 2019


Sensory Container Garden Exhibit overview: A sensory garden is a self-contained area that concentrates a wide range of sensory experiences. With creative design and thoughtful regard to detail, a garden becomes a sensory feast for current members and future visitors. Imagination Station has a large, mostly underutilized porch that could serve as a container sensory garden exhibit that expands on a stellar sensory exhibit indoors.

GOALS Create a small but impactful container garden that appeals to all senses on the front porch of Imagination Station. Make the entrance of Imagination Station more visually appealing.

SPECIFICATIONS What will it look like? We will add two large planters, made from wood and painted to match the green trim, on both sides of the porch. This would provide a nice barrier and act as a small safety precaution. Two small planters will be added to the front between the columns on the outside. What will be planted? The goal of the garden would be to enable children to explore their five senses. If proposal is approved, consultation with local nurseries would also be conducted to ensure the best results. The breakdown of what plants could be planted for sensory explorations is as follows: Sense of Touch Lambs Ear – fuzzy leaves with green and silver foliage Moss Rocks – soft fuzzy moss in a smooth rock Grasses Garden Materials – soil, smooth rocks, wood chips Sense of Smell Herbs – Basil, Lavender Citronella Dianthus Sense of Taste Chocolate Mint Strawberries Begonias – Tuberous or Waxed Sense of Sound Birds – Flowers and vegetation, as well as a small feeder will encourage birds to sing Wind Chimes Small water feature (if available) Sense of Sight Local Vibrant Flowers Garden art such as gnomes, painted rocks, colorful pinwheel

Volunteers would be asked to build to planter boxes and start the initial planting.

Additional Supplies Needed:

Inclement Weather Plan: No, if there is rain or inclement weather work may be done on the porch if necessary.

Restrictions: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The mission of Imagination Station is to provide low-cost, high-impact educational play and programming for families with children ages 0 to 6 and to their parents. Imagination Station’s visions to provide children with opportunities to learn, socialize and play and to provide parents with opportunities to network, share, relax and attend educational programs. Imagination Station also strives to create long-term, meaningful connections with the community. These goals are achieved through interactive exhibits, scheduled child and/or parent programming.

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Volunteer Coordinator: Katie Gullette, Board Member