Savannah Riverkeeper
Aug 23

Savannah Riverkeeper

  • Diamond Lakes Park 4335 Windsor Spring Rd Hephzibah Ga 30815
  • November 2, 2019
  • All Day

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Savannah Riverkeeper

November 2, 2019


Savannah Riverkeeper

November 2, 2019


Plant Trees beside dirt track & install benches (holes should be pre dug & filled in – so the dirt will need to taken out of the holes, compost added to hole, tree added, and dirt put in around the trees. Benches – holes will be pre-dug & filled in – so take dirt out of the holes, cement made and then poured into holes and install benches.

Additional Supplies Needed: Shovels, Closed Toes Shoes (preferably boots), leather gloves, insect repellant, suntan lotion, & water bottle

Inclement Weather Plan: No

Restrictions: Volunteers must be at least 8 years old. The parents have to be with them

Water management in the Savannah River Basin is complicated. With hundreds of sources of environmental pollution, the Savannah River is impaired by heavy metals, sediment, and low levels of dissolved oxygen. Industrial expansion and land development increase the risk of further pollution. Demand for freshwater increases as communities grow larger and local groundwater is depleted, a problem particularly acute near coastal areas where saltwater continually intrudes. Although federal and state governments are supposed to maintain water quality, at least 50 different government and private entities share responsibility in the Savannah River basin. Conflicts in oversight, inaccurate assumptions and counter-productive activities resulted in an urgent need for general oversight and coordination.

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Volunteer Coordinator: Mary Jacobson, Volunteer Coordinator