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Sep 10

Georgia Cancer Center

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The Georgia Cancer Center at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University is dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer in Georgia and across the globe through superior care, innovation, and education. Through unprecedented expansion, the Georgia Cancer Center is providing access to more first-in-the-nation clinical trials, world-renowned experts and life-saving options.


Even though colder temperatures make the clinic and hospital a better and safe environment, it can sometimes be uncomfortable for our cancer patients during their treatment. Help them feel warm and cozy by picking any or all of the items below to add to the cozy cart: Fuzzy Socks, Blankets, Scarves, Gloves, Wraps/Cardigans

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Cozy Cart


Fighting cancer requires a lot of strength and bravery. Help encourage our cancer patients to keep fighting and give an extra boost of positivity by personalizing a card! We are looking for volunteers who can write letters and cards of encouragement to our cancer patients to brighten their day and help boost their spirits.

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Encouragement Cards


Help our patients feel all of the T.L.C. while they receive treatment by providing one of the following items to the care cart: Soothing Lotion, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Hard Candy (sour lemon drops/peppermints/mints), Tea Bags (chamomile, ginger, lemon, lavender), Crackers/pretzels, Eye Mask, Water Bottles, Stress Relievers

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Care Cart


The last thing any cancer patient would want to do is receive treatment on a day of any celebration, birthday, or anniversary. Help spread some sunshine and happiness to our patients by personalizing a card or picking any items to add to the celebration cart: Birthday/Anniversary/Holiday Cards, Candy, Journals/Notebooks, Word Search/Sudoku, Pens/Markers/Highlighters

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Celebration Cart


Cancer patients traditionally ring a bell in the cancer center at the conclusion of their cancer treatment. Ringing the bell is an emotional and triumphant celebration of all the patient has accomplished – conquering fear, persevering through uncertainty, enduring adversity and hardship, and hanging on to hope with strength and a strong will to live. This packet is for all of our patients that ‘Ring the Bell of Hope’. Help us celebrate these tremendous milestones by donating Congratulation cards, Candy, and Stickers to add to the Bell Bag and make their celebration a memorable one.

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Bell Bag