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Sep 21

Jenkins-White Elementary School

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The Mission of Jenkins-White Elementary School is to instill self-worth, value and potential in each student so that they will make positive decisions that will lead them to a successful career path.

Children who attend Jenkins-White Elementary School enjoy a building that is spacious and sparkling clean. Since the building has recently changed roles it has not been beautified with paintings in common areas such as the media center and cafeteria. We would love the addition of colorful wall murals to inspire learning, imagination, and a sense of pride in the Jenkins-White Bears. We would be especially proud to feature local artists from Augusta University.

Please note: This project will require special skills and experience to design and paint the murals. If you have an interest in taking on this project, please contact the AU Office of Volunteer Services and Community Engagement for more details at 706-721-3596 or

Painted Wall Murals Projects

Got woodworking skills? We are fortunate to have an amazingly fun playscape in the schoolyard at Jenkins White Elementary School. Our K-5 students get exercise and work out their energy during recess each day. We would like to add two picnic tables and two park benches to the greenspace near the playscape, so that teachers who are monitoring the children have places to sit. These spaces would also be used for small outdoor classes and meetings. P.S. Our students really want the picnic tables, because they hope their teachers will let them play longer.

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Recess Picnic Table Project

What a gift it would be for our students to receive a brand new book for the holidays. How excited would you be to receive something that would allow you to explore lands and fairy-tales or learn more about historical figure? Jenkins-White Elementary is a K-5 school including students with special needs. Many of the students at Jenkins-White Elementary are considered low-income. They often do not have books at home of their own. During the time off from school when children do not have access to the school’s media center, they lose the opportunity to have books to read. Our students have a wide variety of interest in many genre of books. Many students thrive from reading biographies, others enjoy graphic novels when others simply enjoy a silly laugh from the Dork Diaries. We want to provide them with a wide variety of books to choose from. In addition a wide variety of reading supports knowledge across the curriculum. Students would show continued growth through reading about the solar system and the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. We will provide a list of books for you to choose from to share your love of a particular genre with a student.

We would like to send every child home with at least 8 books for the holiday break. This would allow them to read books for themselves, to their siblings and other members of their family. This would allow the entire family to have the opportunity to enjoy reading. It also gives the student the continued practice to becoming a better reader. This is a gift that would keep on giving. Students would be motivated this project would foster the love of reading back into each students home.

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Children’s Holiday Book Drive Project

The community of Jenkins-White Elementary School is interested in learning about a variety of virtual topics to support their families. The experts at Augusta University can speak to these needs knowing that the community resources can leverage these needs to making them personal. A large population of our student body is learning virtually. This is the perfect time for parents to learn how to navigate community resources virtually as well. Informational videos of 15 minutes or less that share knowledge on health, wellness, and financial literacy would be of benefit. Below are some ideas. Of course, feel free to be creative!

  • How to make a virtual doctor’s appointment
  • How to access medical records virtually
  • Healthy teeth for children and families
  • Healthy habits and reading food labels
  • The importance of at home exercise for children
  • Basics of budgeting
  • Educational counseling (GED, Intro to technical and higher education)
  • Wellness Counseling (managing anxiety, depression, healthy relationships)

We envision videos of 15 minutes of less in a format that could be uploaded in the learning management system or the schools web page.

Please note: This project will require special skills and experience to in video production and related healthcare/business topics. If you have an interest in taking on this project, please contact the AU Office of Volunteer Services and Community Engagement for more details at 706-721-3596 or

Virtual Health Education Video Project