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Sep 21

Savannah Riverkeeper

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Savannah Riverkeeper fulfills our objectives through three main goals. All of our work falls into these categories: Restore water quality in the Savannah River and its lakes and tributaries to fully support the uses of swimming, drinking, fishing, recreation, wildlife habitats, and sustainable economic activity. Protect our waterways from pollution and degradation, and prevent negative impacts to public health through enforcement of the Clean Water Act, sound development decisions, and best management practices for infrastructure and activities. Educate the public, businesspeople and lawmakers of the Savannah watershed to create a culture of conservation, inspire pride in our natural heritage and water resources, and develop ways to protect those resources.


We have several beautification projects. Volunteers can do maintenance along a Disc Golf Course, trim bushes, plant flowers, plant trees, pickup trash, paint large wire spools, paint the side of the building, and art students may paint a mural on the side of the building

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