Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Inc. PM Shift

Saturday, Nov 4, 2017

1:30pm – 4:30pm

Girl Scouts need your help. Do you have a love for the outdoors like we do? Do you see the value in taking kids to camp? We are asking for you and your family to come join us at Camp Tanglewood. We would like your help with revitalizing and refreshing our Cypress Hill camp shelter and fire ring. We will be blowing leaves, trimming weeds, painting picnic tables, painting the pavilion, making seating at the fire ring, and redefining the fire ring. More than 2,000 girls camp at Camp Tanglewood each year and would be so thankful to see their camp area revitalized. Thank you for helping!

Event Location

Camp Tanglewood, 4687 Columbia Road
Augusta, GA, 30901

Event Fees

Total Volunteer Registrations