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Sep 21

St. Joseph Hospice

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  • Some projects require special skills.

To provide faith-based, compassionate care for those traveling life’s final journey and to provide support to the loved ones they leave behind.

We have N95 masks for our employees but would love to have cloth masks to provide for our patient’s families as they need to go to the grocery store, etc and may not be able to afford or get out and look for them. There are a wide variety of cloth mask pattern template available online for your convenience. You can get more mask pattern ideas here:

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Homemade Cloth Mask Project

We ALWAYS have families that need help during the holidays. Sometimes have limited financial resources and sometimes they are just alone without a support system. (Food items, snacks, socks, blankets, etc are all appreciated). Any support you and your team can provide would be sincerely appreciated. More detailed information for your family will be provided should you choose this project.

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Adopt a Family Holiday Project

Like most of the world, our staff are doing Zoom meetings and are not able to attend professional development trainings due to budget constraints. We would love to have a Professional Training for our staff on relevant healthcare topics, particularly on Coronavirus, as AU are the experts in our community.

Please note: This project requires expertise in healthcare/corona virus safety guidelines. If you have an interest in taking on this project, please contact the AU Office of Volunteer Services and Community Engagement for more details at 706-721-3596 or

Virtual Professional Training Project